Adult Self Development

Here is Alisha describing classes at HOV:

Are you:
  • Adult Beginner to Intermediate vocalist
  • Needing a bit of “me” time
  • Wishing to pursue a new hobby
  • Wanting to find your  “true voice”
  • Wanting to connect to your true self through voice
  • Wanting to improve your communication through voice
  • Wishing to improve your confidence and fuel your passion
  • Keen to improve your public speaking


1. It doesn’t matter what age you are

2. What point you are starting

3. What schedule you are balancing

Do yourself a favour and make room for music and your voice – its never too late to start vocal lessons!


Many adult singers are breaking up the rat race of corporate life/9-5 work to nurture their creativity, self expression and artistic goals at HOV.

Alongside HOV’s already holistic approach to voice, programs for adult self development through voice is a journey of vocal transformation both as a singer and as a person.

Whether you are a complete beginner, returning to lessons or simply want to get more in tune to yourself, your body and your sound.

HOV can help bring you more into line with yourself, your body, your mind, your sound, your music and your creative enjoyment of all things you.

Enquire within for more information about lessons and programs available in Adult Self Development