Artist Development


Developing your voice is just one step to achieving your goals as a musician and artist.

Goal setting, business skills, developing an artist plan, directing your ideas and developing the “musical  product” are  areas an artist must address when launching themselves as artists in the music industry.

HOV offers Artist Development sessions customized to the individual:

  • What type of artist are you?
  • Where are you going? and what are the steps that are going to get you to your goals?
  • Develop your product
  • Fine tune your artistic output and ideas to sync with your musical product
  • Develop a plan and set goals
  • Clear guidance on all creative and business endeavors
  • How to manage yourself effectively
  • Build your team of people
  • Get yourself out there
  • Opportunities and additional training
  • Showcases, grants and competitions

Artist Development is customized alongside a songwriting/vocal extra, enquire within for more information.