HOV Philosophy & Promise



You are your voice

Your voice is you

Your voice whether speaking or singing is your unique sound print of you 

Your body is a space – much like home or a vehicle

Our bodies are a house for our voice 

We are both the house and the voice


 If we know what that means to build, tend and utlize the voice within our bodies we uncover our true sound and obtain vocal alignment.

If you can speak you can sing!

Despite what past teachers, friends, family society or past experiences have told you, HOV will prove you and them wrong!

Whilst HOV works with gifted and talented singers with natural ability/potential evident before training.

HOV can teach anyone to sing and unlock their sound however rough their edges.

We can say that, because we are that confident in the tools and training offered.

Banish those harsh critics and the long held belief that its a long lost dream! It was until you discovered the right training!

HOV works with both professional singers and the absolute beginner – training singers with less than 3-5 note range up to a 3 octave range in a matter of months!

Whilst we refer to building the voice at The House of Voice really we mean building your body or rather teaching it to let go and align in the right areas- the voice is already there in essence.

We just need the House (your body) to house it properly!

So with the right focus, passion and the desire to set in place processes that may be familiar or foreign to the body – you can enjoy the joys of singing!


Understanding your voice and getting the most out of it: 

The House of Voice found its name from a metaphoric concept used to illustrate to students the importance of vocal technique, why we want to integrate it and why its vital for vocal success and longevity.

Your voice is much like a house. You would never begin building your dream house by building the roof first. So why would you start singing and choose to overlook the important foundations of breathing and vocal technique when building your dream vocal machine?

You have to lay the foundations and build the voice from the ground up, brick by brick, wall by wall, window by window. And if you don’t, at some point down the line, the cracks will begin to show either through undesirable vocal conditions, vocal failure or vocal loss. We have the choice to  avoid it but then have to come back around to it later (which in any case usually involves pulling down the badly built house and starting from scratch) or start now and get busy singing being the singer you have always wanted to be

With extensive education in vocal anatomy and pedagogy, HOV provides vocalists the opportunity to gain skills both as a singer and as a musician, whilst improving technique and artistry.

HOV maintains a fun, holistic and interactive approach to vocal training, educating students in vocal anatomy,  awareness training, the body and how it can efficiently produce sound without strain/effort with techniques to promote good vocal health, efficiency and stamina.

Straying from the one size fits all approach, HOV has a strong emphasis on the individual, focusing on singers key strengths, eliminating inefficient habitual vocal patterns and developing individual programs to set vocalists on the path to becoming their best!

The House of Voice Promise:

The House of Voice’s foundation is focused on Building Voices, Creating Artists and Inspiring Singers to then inspire themselves and the world.

To fufill your greatest potential you must BUILD, CREATE AND INSPIRE


  • Your Voice
  • Your Technique
  • Your  Vocal Artistry
  • Your Confidence
  • The Artist in you
  • The Musician
  • The Creative
  • Your Best Vocal Version
  • Yourself
  • Audiences
  • Your Community
  • Your Country
  • The World

HOV makes a commitment to Build, Create and Inspire students and help them to develop all the aspects of becoming not only a vocalist but an artist and musician through specialised programs for all ages, levels, styles and backgrounds.