What are students saying?


I have been coached by Alisha for the past few years. In that time she has given me a great self awareness and an implicit understanding of my own voice. She not only helped me improve my technique, but she has showed me how to recognise the process involved in being aware of how my voice works and how I can achieve the goals I set. She has gotten to know me and my instrument personally, and can always see what I need to work on and give me ongoing strategies to develop my singing. She is amazing!”  –  Clairy Browne


“I’ve always loved to sing and needless to say over my years I’ve been to countless music schools and private teachers, however I have achieved more with Alisha within just a year than I have with any of my other singing teachers or coaches combined! She has taught me techniques and replaced my bad habits with strategies which allow me to futher progress with my voice and gain confidence. I have TMJ and my jaw continously got in the way of my singing, Alisha worked with me and I can now say with confidence has removed the problem and discomfort, I know sound like a completly different person! She works with her students on a close level and has mentored me with her great communication skills and the use of her knowledge and passion about music which has allow me to excell to a point I never even dreamed of ”  –  Lauren Broide 


“Stevie-Lou has been singing with Alisha for 3 years and has been singing since the age of 5.  Stevie’s-lou’s confidence in her own voice has grown significantly along with the techniques that Alisha has shown her. Stevie has performed on numerous occasions and excelled in singing Eisteddfods and excellent marks in her AMEB singing exams, but the most impressive point for us as parents is Stevie loves and can’t wait to get to her lesson every week” – testimonial on behalf of Stevie Lou Answerth


“I have learned more in my four months of lessons with Alisha than I learnt in five years of singing lessons at secondary school. I first came to her intending simply to gain an AMEB certificate, but I came out with so much more than that. In my first lesson with Alisha it became apparent that I wasn’t singing with correct technique, so she was presented with the huge challenge of stripping me of years of bad habits, replacing them with the right ones, and preparing me to fulfil the exam requirements in an intense three month period. She did an amazing job, using her knowledge of the inner workings of the relevant body parts to pin-point what it was I was doing, and then trying out different techniques such as singing certain sounds, thinking in analogies, physically holding a body part still (e.g. neck, jaw) or doing hand movements that would aid me in correcting it. I learned a lot of important basics such as breathing, posture, placement of the sound and always having your soft palate raised. With her help I managed to pass my Seventh Grade: Singing for Leisure exam with Honours (A). I also won the Superstar Singing Competition; a feat I would’nt have had the skill or confidence to achieve without these lessons. I’ve gained so much!”  – Kristen Ryan 


“My Daughter has been working with Alisha for years. Her confidence and ability have improved vastly since we started. She now writes and performs her own music and is going from strength to strength. Alisha has supported and mentored her through some challenging times and  her deep understanding and insight into the emotions and workings of teenage girls has enabled their relationship to grow and for my daughter to remain engaged and passionate about singing”  – Lorraine Harley on behalf of Emily Harley


“One of the most important and fulfilling decisions I have made to date has been to train at The House of Voice with Alisha. Its only been a year but Alisha has improved my technique and range to an unimaginable level. She teaches new concepts in every lesson regarding vocal science and ways to improve range. So, I confidently anticipate a fun filled session and am always exceeded in that expectation. Alisha, apart from being a great teacher guides my singing career – which is a dream. She also organises concerts at the end of each semester which further enhances my performance experience and opportunities to test myself. I feel blessed to be one of her students” Sunil J


“Being the lead vocalist of my band and gigging night after night without any technical/vocal knowledge, when I first began lessons with Alisha my voice was in a rough state. By the end of a set, my voice was wornout and tired..sometimes not even there. But in a short amount of time, Alisha had my voice back on track,  she improved my range, technique, breathing and for the first time in my life, singing became easier and far more enjoyable. I am now able to sing comfortably on a full schedule of gigs.can’t thank Alisha enough”   – Phil


“My daughter has been singing with Alisha for about two years now, starting when she was six years old. Prior to lessons with Alisha, my daughter had learnt the violin and piano but each time she lost interest quickly and would not practice. Her singing lessons are completely different. She loves her singing lessons. She loves practicing and she has improved greatly, reflected in a great AMEB singing exam result and entry into a musical. Alisha has a brilliant skill in teaching and challenging my daughter, whilst having a lot of fun. My daughter learns a lot and laughs a lot when she is there. That balance is perfect for keeping my daughter engaged. I cannot thank Alisha enough for the support and interest she has shown in my daughter Thank you” –   Peta on behalf of Jazi Hall


“Alisha’s training methods at the House of Voice are unique and second to none.  I don’t think anyone else could have tapped into my voice as well as her and brought it out of me. Her techniques are not just for those wanting to learn to sing but also for those wanting to learn about themselves. What I have learnt from Alisha has helped me be more in touch with who i am and also helped me in sporting pursuits and the corporate boardroom” – Kynan H




“I have been going to Alisha for singing lessons for six months now and have found the experience very rewarding and enjoyable.  Singing is something I have always loved to do but could never have imagined singing alone to a perfect stranger! But Alisha made me feel very much at ease from the get go.  She has a great knowledge base and makes the learning fun! “Simone, Brighton East.


“As a person always on the go and the typical “high achiever” I have found my learning experience with Alisha to be liberating on a whole body, mind and spirit level.  Just being able to be myself regardless of what comes out of my mouth, voice wise, is very reassuring.  Non judgmental Alisha helps me on my journey to be the best person/singer I can be, whilst having fun creating music and tapping into my greatest potential” – Sue Barrett 


“Alisha is a soulful giver and a gifted teacher. She has a great skill for communicating exactly the right message at the perfect moment, as if she is aware of your progress at every stage.  Alisha is not only  a passionate and committed teacher, she truly believes in the power of music and vocal tuition. My self confidence and identity are so much stronger for meeting Alisha and engaging her vocal tuition and expertise. It is a healing and empowering journey” – Sarah Thurrowgood