HOV trains singers to not only build their voice, create the musician/package but to express all that they have learnt in a variety of ways.

Experience on stage is invaluable, its training in action!

And the only way we get better at it –  is to do it more often!

HOV provides opportunities to all singers to do this, free of additional sign up costs.

Inspiration comes from everywhere:

  • Yourself
  • Audiences
  • Your Community
  • Your Country
  • The World

Listen to HOV Students

Listen to HOV students YouTube video posts and mp3s!

Student Media and Photos

Check out before and after vocal videos, and additional student media.

Performance Opportunities

HOV Term and End of Year Concerts

HOV organizes student concerts throughout the year to honour students learning and development.

Vocal Competitions

There are a variety of vocal competitions held right throughout the year which gives HOV students an opportunity to register and prepare for.

One-Off Performances

Depending on the students goals and aspirations, one off performances are organized for students to develop their performances skills.

HOV Masterclasses

Register your interest for a HOV Masterclass.

HOV Workshops

Register your interest for a HOV Workshop.

Performance Projects

New incentives at HOV are performance projects, where students get involved in the musical creation and performance of new and exciting works over the course of the year.

Inspiring Stories

Read inspirational stories from HOV students.