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SLIDER INCLUDES: 3 year progression videos, student videoclips over their time at HOV and work as artists (kids, teens and adults)

Mid Year 2017 Highlights
Emily - The House of Voice Student : 3 year progression
Natalie - The House of Voice: 3 year Progression
Love Letter (official music video)
Stevie-Lou Answerth Debut Single 'Crazy'
Camryn sings for the voice at abStudios
You're Gonna Miss Me - Lulu and the Lampshades
Emily sings Marina and the Diamond: The House of Voice
Natalie singing Paloma Faith: The House of Voice


HOV before and afters

In a new online project which will be constantly updated with various singers (age/style/development), HOV is celebrating the progression and work of students over their time at HOV. Showing students progression as an ongoing reminder of their personal development and what HOV offers its students vocally alongside the development of confidence as both a performer and musician. Although we develop all ages and levels, we thought it would be good to start the ball rolling with 3 year progression celebrations in some of our teenagers whom have been studying at HOV for quite some time.

The differences in both confidence, vocal ability, range and quality even at such a young age are progressions that happen for everyone studying at HOV from complete beginner to working performer.

The tools that HOV brings to students alongside the performers enormous effort, passion and persistence in changing their path as vocalists and performers – all can be made possible.

We look forward to watching the continual journey of all our singers at HOV and sharing their growth.


Watch Emily’s vocal journey from 16 years old to 18 years old

Watch Natalie’s vocal journey from 14 years old to 17 years old

Hand picked selection of students, performances and their time @ The House of Voice