VCE Preparation

HOV is experienced in preparing students for their VCE units 1-2 as well as 3-4

HOV prides itself in:

  • Having a good understanding of VCE requirements and standard expected
  • In ability to choose the right repertoire to showcase your voice and get the mark you deserve
  • The technical components required
  • Having up to date information on VCE programs and masterclasses beneficial to teacher/student attendance

We work with your child and the school to develop the ideal repertoire list, suitable scales and technical material, prepare aural and sightreading and general musicianship.

VCE is an integral part of a students life, and we recognize that students need to have the best available training in which to get the mark that they deserve. Equally HOV students need to be prepared to show good commitment levels, a willingness to learn, extend, participate and show an interest in their own learning, vocal apparatus, technique as well as remaining open to the opportunities available to their preparation.

HOV has an excellent track record in preparing students for their VCE with marks only ever reflecting A+  to B+ averages.