Are you a vocal teacher/tutor? The House of Voice situated in the South Eastern Suburbs is currently looking for a fully qualified vocal teacher to work on a casual basis.

The House of Voice found its name from a metaphoric concept used to illustrate to students the importance of vocal technique, why we want to integrate it and why its vital for vocal success and longevity.

With extensive education in vocal anatomy and pedagogy, HOV provides vocalists the opportunity to gain skills both as a singer and as a musician, whilst improving technique and artistry.

HOV maintains a fun, holistic and interactive approach to vocal training, educating students in vocal anatomy, awareness training, the body and how it can efficiently produce sound without strain/effort with techniques to promote good vocal health, efficiency and stamina.

Straying from the one size fits all approach, HOV has a strong emphasis on the individual, focusing on singers’ key strengths, eliminating inefficient habitual vocal patterns and developing individual programs to set vocalists on the path to becoming their best!

We are looking for a teacher who also believes in our mission statement and philosophy and has the following skills and attributes.

Qualifications and training required

  • Bachelor of Music in Voice is essential (Victorian College of the Arts/ WAAPA graduate favourable)
  • A teaching qualification is beneficial in your application
  • All applicants must demonstrate teaching experience

Key skills and attributes:- 

  • Open/Warm Friendly nature
  • Professionally presented and upholds a professional manner at all times
  • Enthusiastic
  • Imaginative
  • Committed
  • Passionate
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Patient and compassionate
  • Innovative with an ability to think outside the box when required
  • Versed in multiple teaching methods which supports holistic principles
  • Have a good understanding of the human anatomy, muscles and appropriate knowledge required to teach and communicate efficient vocal technique
  • Ability to motivate, encourage and support students in all areas of vocal and vocal performance, with skills to assist mind and body in singing appropriate to holistic teaching.
  • Is a highly dedicated teacher whom is always looking to further themselves in the area of vocal pedagogy and vocal science
  • Have an ability to play piano/ or some piano
  • Keeps updated with the latest repertoire in all styles and has an ability to select the appropriate pieces for all voice types; male and female
  • The ability to relate, teach and communicate with a large spectrum of ages in all levels from beginner to intermediate
  • You must be able to teach music theory, aural and basic notation
  • You must have an ability to teach performance skills, stagecraft, basic acting and movement, to prepare students for auditions, AMEB, competitions and a range of HOV performances throughout the year
  • You have an ability to teach both belt, legit, chest/head dominant mix as well as classical voice (favourably). As well as understand/teach the fundamentals of each individual style: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Indie, Soul, R&B and Musical Theatre. But it is also expected that you know the what techniques are required for each style.
  • Some knowledge in either or all music software: Garageband, Ableton and Sibelius would be a bonus (although not essential)

Experience in preparing students for AMEB VCE exams is favourable.

  •  It is expected that you will be present for your students half and yearly performances.
  •  Hours are in the afternoon and evening and you may be required to be (on call) so you will need to be flexible.
  •  You will require proof of a Working With Children card before commencing.

Please apply if you have the necessary qualifications, skills and attributes.

And are able to teach to a high standard being all House of Voice Students have never received lower than a B+ for VCE (in 12 years) and receive a high distinction/credit average for AMEB results. We are looking for a teacher who can maintain this high standard in their work as a teacher.

If you feel that the HOV model is of interest and you can maintain a high standard of achievement and performance.

Please note that the teacher will not be expected to teach the HOV method however would be looking for a teacher who’s principles, beliefs and training are of a similar standing.

Please contact Alisha: info@thehouseofvoice.com.au